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Beauty In A Budget

There comes a time when I doubt if I am really a girl; if you will see my elementary days, I look like a boy in a ponytail! I have a phone then but I don’t use it actually! Not until when I was in highschool when my friends taught me how to 1. Use my phone to text others (haha) 2. Through Unlimited texting 3. How to actually get “textmates” (oh golly) 4. Put my hair down and have side-swept bangs 5. Use make-up (That I hate because I got breakouts). Haha they helped me to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks first year high school friends!

Back on the track, until now I don’t still use makeups on my face because I have a very sensitive face and a wrong product will give me breakouts. The very first makeup that I had is: baby powder, lol joke, a Lip Balm! I had a very chappy lips before, it’s so horrible! I grew up watching bubzbeauty in youtube, then Michelle Phan and reading some beauty tips. I totally love natural ways of skin care. Today, my makeup routine would be: Baby powder (no joke) sometimes my Mineral Loose Powder (it was so expensive I don’t want to use it anymore), Lip Balm (Maybelline Baby Lips), Lipstick and eyebrow liner. 

Then one day, I realized that I am turning 20 this May which is also my Internship and I look like I am not yet ready. So to step up, I bought these products from my favorite Drugstore Makeup product: Nichido. I am not a makeup guru, so bear with my amateurish descriptions :)

Nichido’s Powder Plus

I was totally afraid at first with this. It looks like it will harm my face. The only powder product allowed for me is anything purely made with minerals (I am acidic, oily and sensitive). But my mineral powder can’t control the grease (yikes) at the middle of the day, so I have to dwell with this. I tried it on my face last Sunday; under the blazing sun, sweating and everything, I am glad it still stayed on my face! 

  • It controlled the oil on my face
  • Good light coverage. I don’t need much of a coverage since there are no blemishes to hide (I am so proud with this, haha)
  • No white cast, not cakey.
  • Feels light on my face!

Price: 238.00 pesos

NIchido’s Eyebrow Duo Kit

I was amazed with this!!! Haha The girl on the Nichido’s stall tried this on me and omg it looks natural on my brows. It’s easy to apply because of the angular brush. This is really my fave product now.

Price: 238.00 pesos

Nichido’s Blush in Blushing Pink

I used the Sunkissed Tan blush before, and since I am acidic, my face tends to be darker at the afternoon; and a dark colored blush makes me even darker. So the lady suggested that I should wear light pink blush. I tried this together with my powder and ohhhh it didn’t make my face dark, just a normal pink blush.

Price: 88.00 pesos

For a girl in a tight budget like me, Nichido gives a range of products that have quality. I never had complained with this brand, so for me, so far so good. 

Leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts ♥
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